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The art industry is fucked up. Let’s beat the system together.

About Netvvrk

Netvvrk (pronounced Netverk) is a supportive community of ambitious artists working to realize their goals. We teach artists how to gain exposure, recognition and payment for the valuable work they do through group coaching, studio critiques, and resource sharing.

You can join at any point in your career. We tailor our program to support emerging, mid-career, and established artists alike.

Do you...

🍄Feel stagnant in your career? You show your work, but the opportunities don’t seem to be materializing into bigger exhibitions or better sales.

🍄Struggle to identify what problems to focus on first? You know you need to post more on instagram, and apply for more residencies, but don’t know where to spend your time to get the shows you need.

🍄You want to meet more people who can show your work, but don’t know how to approach them, and you’re worried you don’t speak well enough about your art to capitalize on studio visits.

🍄 You have more ideas than you can execute, yet never seem to have enough time in the studio. You’d like to make more art and more money but don’t know how to get there.You have more ideas than you can execute, yet never seem to have enough time in the studio. You’d like to make more art and more money but don’t know how to get there.



What would it be like to:

😃Feel optimistic about the growth of your show opportunities and the development of your work in the studio.

😃Be able to clearly prioritize tasks during the week so you can focus on your studio work without nagging guilt for not doing other work.

😃Belong to a supportive network of ambitious artists who share resources and connections without treating them like precious resources.

😃Be able to execute more ideas because you have the strategies in place to work smarter, not harder.

At Netvvrk, we believe that artists deserve more hands on professional support for the work they make, and strive to make sure they have the resources that will get them the shows and studio time they deserve.

What do you want?

✅Do you want more exhibitions?

✅Do you want to post about your work without feeling the dread of coming off as too self-promotional or tone-deaf?

✅Do you want to develop connections with people who respond to your work and connect with it? 

✅Do you want to choose collaboration over competition?

✅Do you want regular and rigorous feedback in the studio?


Monthly expert coaching sessions. Submit your writing, website, instagram page, and emails for feedback from Paddy Johnson, so you can attract and convert interest from galleries, curators and consultants into shows.

Monthly group studio critiques with Paddy Johnson so you can better place your work within the contemporary art landscape, and grow your art.

A supportive community that will push you outside your comfort zone, and test your art making so you can make more challenging work.

A growing library of video and text resources specifically designed to support Netvvrk members develop and grow their art practice.



Guest speakers like Rea McNamara, the 2020/2021 Emily Tremaine Hall journalistic fellow for Hyperallergic and Hannah Cole of Sunlight Tax will give exclusive talks to the Netvvrk community


A private listing service of members and their websites that you can share your work with. Only members who chose to be included in the directory will be listed.


Recordings of all coaching and studio visits so you can access the most valuable materials easily and listen in virtually if you can’t attend.


10% off all VVrkshop classes and products


Recommended tech tools for artists seeking to improve their digital presence designed to help take endless tech research work off your plate.


Paddy works with artists like you who need communications and marketing support. She offers classes and coaching on artist statements, press outreach, social media strategies, grant writing, and website construction. She is the founder of VVRKSHOP, an online platform designed to help artists and art world professionals online and off. Prior to this, she founded the blog Art F City and has written for publications like CNN, The New York Times, and New York Magazine. She’s made a career out of working with institutions and individuals by helping them produce their best work.